Here’s a land of vast quietness, of endless horizons, wide star-studded skies, a ghost town partially reclaimed by the desert, golden desert dunes as far as the eye can see and intriguing rocky plains. This is the getaway of all getaways, a destination in a million.

In a country of vast distances, a land largely untouched by modern man, with a tiny but fascinating population, come face-to-face with old Africa. Namibia is the ultimate land of discovery and soul-searching, with its wide horizons, unending stretches of honey-coloured dunes and startling rock formations. You will see an amazing range of birds and animals, many of them rare, and plant life like nothing else in the world.

The capital city of Windhoek and the seaside towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay have a charm of their own. In stark contrast is the Etosha National Park, a vast oasis in the semi-desert, offering the most extraordinary game-viewing experiences. In turn, the lush Caprivi Strip has a network of rivers, forests, swamps and waterways. Take the aerial route in a hot air balloon over the massive sand dunes of Sossusvlei, a photographer’s dream backdrop to the parched pan of bleak, cracked mud, and a landscape marked by the occasional skeletons of ancient thorn trees. Gaze, perhaps in stunned silence, at the Skeleton Coast graveyard of huge, rusting shipwrecks. Take in the enormous Fish River Canyon, second in size only to the Grand Canyon.

Your memories of Namibia will be of unimaginable scenery and wildlife, and the fascination of traditional tribes such as the Herero, their women decked out in gorgeous outfits first introduced by missionaries in the 18th century, and the nomadic desert Himba. See the entrancing Cape fur seal colony, the town of Swakopmund with its altogether different German architecture and atmosphere, the bushman paintings in Damaraland. Go quad biking on the dunes, indulge in oysters and champagne as the sun sets over the sea, streaking the sand and sea with rich golds and reds. This is Namibia, the quiet land of scenic drama and contrasts.