South Africa

South African Universities are globally recognized

South African Universities are internationalized. About 18% of the students in UCT are foreign students and they come from about 102 different countries. In Stellenbosch University, students from about 30 countries make up the international student population. Degrees from South African universities are also recognised Worldwide. The Universities have also produced notable alumni influencing their fields including Nobel laureates and leading global influencers.

Cost of education is relatively cheap

The cost of schooling in South Africa is relatively cheap compared to Europe and America even though the quality of education is comparable. The relatively cheap cost of living will enable you to save money on education.

Scholarships & Bursaries

South African Universities are well funded and there are always funding opportunities that deserving students can take advantage of.


There are many opportunities in South Africa especially for skilled people. These opportunities exist both within the University system and outside it. There are opportunities for teaching and research assistantships, tutorials, research opportunities, internships and campus recruitments etc. in the Universities. Graduate unemployment is also significantly lower than the general unemployment rate in South Africa. You can work part-time to support your education. Cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria are economic powerhouses in Africa that provide opportunities for people ready to work hard and contribute to the system.

Discover Africa

South Africa is a melting point for everything Africa. If you want to discover Africa and her people while schooling, then you really have to come to South Africa. Most African countries and cultures are fully represented in South Africa.

South Africa is a tourist hub

South Africa definitely has a lot to offer as a destination for holidays. Almost 14 million tourists checked into South Africa in April 2017 making it the most popular tourist destination in Africa. South Africa has some of the World’s best beaches and historical sites making it attractive as a top holiday choice for even celebrities. Schooling in South Africa will not only give you the opportunity to have good education but also to have fun touring and holidaying in one of the top tourist destinations in the World.

Migrant-friendly education policy

South Africa has a friendly migrant policy especially for students with critical skills. Immigration laws allow graduates with critical skills or who have completed a Ph.D. with research potentials to transition into permanent residents.