Travel Consulting

Think of WTTS Travel Consulting as your personal concierge service. The difference is that you do not have to wait until you check in at your hotel to start asking questions and getting the answers you need. Simply provide us with an overview of where you want to go and what you want to do and we will help you make it happen.
You can count on WTTS Travel Consulting to provide advice or assistance on any matter related to your trip, such as:

*Air travel
*Car rentals
*Local public and private transportation
*Embassies and consulates
*Currencies and currency exchange
*Personal security
*Special events (concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.)
*Itinerary planning
*Travel emergencies

WTTS has launched a range of consulting services to help companies and individuals develop, manage and execute high performing corporate travel programs.
Called ‘WTTS Consulting’, the global offering of services is available for companies and/or individuals looking to improve their travel performance through effective supplier solutions and management, policy and compliance, expense management. Companies and individuals often needed guidance on specific parts of their travel programs and tailored consultative services were a cost effective way of adding value.
WTTS Consulting services can provide insight and strategic direction to facilitate the next step in program development.
“Corporate travel management has become a highly specialized area of the travel industry. Companies need to be utilise ‘best practice’ or they risk missing insider knowledge and data from travel providers with global resources and experience.
“Having access to global data, market intelligence, bench-marking capabilities and global suppliers, as well as people who can deliver value from these tools, gives companies a competitive advantage in the current, tough market conditions.
‘This is how WTTS Consulting adds value to travel programs – with the right tools and the right people.”

Consulting services bring an extra layer of support and direction for clients looking to improve areas of their business travel programs for greater return on investment.